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Deborah S. Silver, LCSW, Individual and Couples Therapy and Counseling

Individual and Couples Counseling and Psychotherapy, Greenwich Village, NYC, 10003

It may sound simple, but when you are troubled and can’t figure out what is in the way of achieving your goals, talk can really be the best medicine. Whether it's a relationship disappointment, career plans that have stalled, new parent challenges, the shock of retirement, painful emotions that have no obvious source, repetitive self-defeating behaviors or use of substances in a harmful way, talking with someone trained to help you make sense of things can help you exert greater control over your actions, choices and decisions.

I am an experienced therapist, psychodynamically trained to help a diverse group of clients talk in a meaningful way, leading to greater self-understanding. I am LGBT friendly and work with individuals and couples, (married, co-habitating, siblings, business partners, etc).

I see every client as a unique individual to be treated with respect, empathy, acceptance, an open mind, and objectivity.  I’m told that I am easy to talk to and that people feel comfortable in my presence.

The best way to tell if therapy -- or a therapist -- is right for you is to experience the process first hand. Feel free to email or call me at 212-982-1664 if you would like an appointment for an initial consultation, or additional information.
My office is in a quiet residential building in Greenwich Village, NYC, 10003 near Union Square and convenient to all transportation.