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Alcohol and Drug Counseling

Counseling in Greenwich Village, NYC 10003

For many people, a drink is an occasional, pleasant  experience, which seems to enhance a meal or a social get together. Or it may be something they turn to during times of stress. Being drawn to something that provides quick relief from difficult feelings is understandable. No one likes to think that they are doing things over which they have no control. But all too often, a combination of genetic, social and psychological factors leaves someone vulnerable to a dependency that takes them by surprise and seems to take on a life of its own. Despite your best intentions, you may find yourself drinking more than you planned, and when you take a good look find that that alcohol has been causing more harm than good. Some signs to look for:
Ø Needing an increasing amount of alcohol to achieve the same effect
Ø Feeling sick and headachy in the morning following an evening of drinking and needing a drink to feel “right”.
Ø Experiencing “blackouts” – periods of time you can’t remember
Ø Increasing difficulty in one or more areas of your life, i.e. personal, relationships, worklife, health, etc.
Ø People close to you are beginning to be concerned about your drinking
If you find yourself wondering if alcohol or other substances may be creating a problem for you, why not come in for a talk. A chance to talk can help you decide if there is a problem , and if so, what to do about it.