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Couples Counseling

Counseling Greenwich Village, NYC, 10003

The most successful couples I know are interested in helping each other achieve what they want in life. It's a "win-win" for everyone, but easier said than done!

I provide the following types of counseling and therapy for couples and groups:

-Same-sex relationship couseling or marital counseling
-Pre-marital counseling
-Marital counseling
-Relationship counseling
-Sibling counseling
-Family counseling
-Pre-birth and new parent counseling
-Business partners counseling

Goals of counseling and therapy for people in relationships include:
  • Helping you and your partner to listen to and “hear” each other in a new way;
  • Helping you attain greater understanding of one another;
  • Helping you become aware of the positive and negative effects you have on each other ;
  • Helping you break the cycle of repetitive, destructive behaviors and conversations;
  • Helping you learn to speak to each other in a constructive way leading to enhanced satisfaction.

Even the most compatible and well-meaning couples can run into situations where they are at loggerheads.  It is not uncommon for two people to assume they are on the same page about an important issue, only to find themselves in serious conflict. Sometimes this happens because of a lack of communication. Sometimes one partner doesn't get honest with him or herself about the issue. Sometimes people change their mind.

If you and your spouse/partner/relative can talk about these things with an open mind and be helped to truly hear each other's concerns, many conflicts can be worked through. I will help you to do that.